Can You Build a Barndominium With a Basement?

Can You Build a Barndominium With a Basement
Can You Build a Barndominium With a Basement

A barndominium is a new luxury way of living. Relying on the look of a barn, whether creating one from scratch or refurbishing an old barn, these are unique ways to make a living space you are sure to love. Whether you plan to live in this barndominium on your own or use it as a vacation destination, the possibilities of making one for your own is simple. 

You can build a barndominium with a basement. If you are building completely from scratch, the basement would be poured before the barn is built on top of it. It is also possible to build a basement under an existing barn you plan to convert, but the costs are higher. 

In this article, we will look at what a barndominium is all about, how we can choose to make one, pick some amazing floor plans, and even look at some of the costs associated with making your own. We can even look at some of the basic steps that go along with making your own barndominium. 

What Is a Barndominium?

First, we need to take a look at what a barndominium is. This is a practical living solution that many people have fallen in love with. For example, it was not uncommon for ranchers and farmers to create a nice little loft area above their barn in the past, allowing them to be nearby when it was cold out or when an animal needed extra attention. 

This idea has been taken a little bit farther with the barndominium. Today, you may see these transform from a simple living space that is used occasionally to a vacation rental or a luxury home. These can be found anywhere with ranch land and room for people to move around on vacation. 

It is possible to create one on your own and live in it. They are popular options for vacation rentals, though, allowing vacationers to try something new in luxury living while on the farm. There are different ways to make a barndominium, but it relies on a steel shell to ensure it is durable and stable when one is being constructed there. 

Common Floor Plans for a Barndominium

The neat thing about these homes is that there are a lot of options available to make them comfortable and nice. You can convert an old barn you already own into one of these, or start from scratch and make your own. 

There is an unlimited number of floor plans that you can add to your home as well. It all depends on what you want to look for, and what your goals are with the new living space as well. Adding on garages to having two to three bedrooms and more, the only limit on creating this space is your imagination. 

Can I Add a Basement?

If you are converting your old barn into a barndominium, adding a basement is more difficult. The existing structure must be moved and placed somewhere else while the basement is being designed and completed.  Once the basement is done, the barn then has to be moved back. Considering some of the costs already associated with this type of building, it is not usually recommended to add this work. 

However, if you plan to start completely from scratch and design your own barndominium, then it is possible to add in a basement. Most floor plans do not include this feature, but you can talk with the contract to see just how this would be done. 

Adding a basement can help you have more space in your home and even stay protected if the weather goes south in your area. A good floor plan to consider with a basement is here

Can I Add a Garage?

Whether you choose to add a basement to your barndominium or not, you may want to consider adding some parking for your car. There are a ton of great floor plans you can use to add a garage and keep your car safe. 

You can choose from one stall to three-stall garages to ensure all the cars are safe while maintaining some of the elegance and style you want from this new living arrangement. 

How to Build a Barndominium

Now we need to look at a few simple steps for making your barn into a luxury living area. If you are more into visual learning, here is a video to help show exactly how to build your barndominium as well! Some of the steps to help you create your own barndominium include:

Step 1: Pour the Foundation

You will quickly find that the old barn you want to use has a dirt floor. This is not that sturdy for helping you make a whole home on, so it needs to be changed. If your barn is made out of dirt floors, then you should raise the barn up from the ground. This cannot be easy and needs specialized tools to make sure the barn is not going to break. 

Once the barn is raised properly, it is time to pour the cement foundation. Give it time to dry and do this in good weather to prevent any issues with moisture. The team you hire can help do the lifting, pour the concrete, and get the barn back down at the right time. 

Step 2: Rebuild the Frame

Unless your barn is relatively new, it has probably taken some kind of beating over the years. You may notice some warping, dents, and other problems that you don’t want to see in your new home. It is likely that you will need to replace a good chunk, if not all, of the frame. This is especially important if you plan to add a second story to the barn for more living space. 

The original siding that comes with your old barn is not going to be strong enough to support that second story on its own. Adding in some new framing helps to give the steadiness the home needs while adding to a new look. 

Step 3: Reroof

Along the way, the new barndominium will need a new roof. Even if it is relatively new, the roof of a barn is not built to the same standards that we set for roofs on homes. To make your new luxury living arrangements, you will need to add a brand new roof to the barn. This will keep it strong, seal up any areas that may leak, and keep all the heat during the winter. 

Step 4: Add All the Important Stuff

While we aren’t furnishing and adding some of that stuff to the barn yet, we are talking about all the stuff that will turn a barn into a home. Add in the HVAC, electricity, and plumbing. This is one of those technical things you will need professionals to ensure the wiring and pipes are put in well. Since your barn was probably not climate-controlled when designed, you will need to add some electrical outlets. 

Step 5: Insulate 

You can then take some time to insulate the barn. If you have ever gone into a barn during the winter, you know this can be cold and dreary. Add in the insulation to the framing on the interior and exterior walls, so you feel good during the winter. 

Step 6: Make It a Home

The final steps include turning this barndominium into a home. You can add in the finishing touches to the outside of the barn to make it feel just right. Adding the furniture, paint, flooring, and appliances you want is important as well. 

The Cost of Building a Barndominium

The cost of doing this kind of construction will depend on how much work you want to be done. If you simply want to add in a little loft to your barn, then the cost is a whole lot lower than a four-bedroom home with a three-stall garage and a basement. 

The cost per square foot for one of these luxury living homes is between $95 to $125 per square foot. This will average in cost to be around $220,000, though prices do seem to be coming down a little. If you want a small conversion of an already existing barn, the costs can be lower. For some of the higher-end barndominiums, you may find, the costs could be quite a bit more. 

Just like building your own home, the price will depend on what you want inside the barn and where you would like to place it. Barndominiums that are small without a ton of extras can cost less than that average. But if you want something impressive, with a basement, garage, and all the stops pulled, you will need to pay more as well. 


A barndominium is an existing type of living, unlike any other. You can choose to live in one of your own and have something that everyone else will be envious of, though they are becoming more popular as a place to stay while on vacation. With many floor plans and options to choose from, it is easy to create a barndominium you love, no matter what your budget is to start.