Barndominium Kits Prices (Michigan, Colorado, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio)

Barndominium Kits Prices Michigan Colorado Texas, Florida South Carolina Ohio
Barndominium Kits Prices Michigan Colorado Texas, Florida South Carolina Ohio

Barndominiums have grown in popularity over the years, as people continue to look for more efficient ways to build new homes. Thanks to technological advancements of the last few years, barndominium construction has been simplified by prefabricated kits, which only have to be transported to a site and placed on a foundation to complete a barndo structure. How much are they?

Barndominium kits prices will vary from place to place due to several factors. The number of kits makers in the area, the fittings added to the design, and the after service rendered are just some of them. However, kit prices can work out at $20-$120 per square-foot.

This article will take a look at all you need to know about barndo kit prices with a focus on states like Michigan, Colorado, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio. Watch out for various important tips you should keep in mind when paying for some of these kits.

What Is a Barndominium Kit?

A barndominium kit is a type of movable living spaces that have been factory designed and ready to go in a barndo building project. Think of them as metal rooms, kitchens, or living rooms that have been built in a factory, from where you can buy them and just put them together to create a barndo structure.

This ensures the home can be built faster and more efficiently, but most importantly, it can also reduce the total outlay required to build the structure.

The low-cost nature of building with barndo kits makes them a popular option for first-time homeowners who are looking for affordable ways to get custom homes. The kits are also factory-built to be energy-efficient and low maintenance, further adding to their overall cost-effectiveness.

With barndominium kits, anyone with the right construction skills can build their homes from scratch in no time. All you need to do is to build the concrete foundation, and then have the kits transported to the site and put together.

If you don’t have the skills, some kit manufacturers can supply the workers that can couple the kits from the ground up to create your home.

Factors That Can Influence the Price of a Barndominium Kit

As we’ve seen above, barndo kit prices will always vary from one place to another. The difference might be as little as 5$ per square foot, but that can add up to a sizable chunk when you are looking to build a 2,000 square-foot barndo home. What are these factors?

The Size of the Company

Bigger brands can afford to offer slightly lower prices because they can manufacture the barndominium kits in bulk. The size of their workforce and the machinery they can afford leads to faster turnarounds as well. When comparing prices, you’ll most likely get better value from a larger brand compared to a smaller one—all other things being equal.

The Number of Competing Businesses Nearby

Competition keeps prices stable in every industry, and the barndominium kit world is no different. If you have only one barndo kit maker in your city, the prices will most likely be higher compared to when there are 3-5 others you can go to.

Your Location

In places like Texas, where barndos are highly fashionable, the prices tend to be slightly higher compared to other states that are just catching on to the barndos and custom homes in general.

The Fittings Installed in the Kit

In most cases, barndo kits are only designed as a shell. This means that they don’t come with windows, doors, plumbing, light-fittings, or any such designs. Some manufacturers are capable of adding these installations, but with each one, the price of the kit invariably ticks higher.

Barndominium Kit Prices in Various States

For this section, we’ll be looking at the average price (per sq. ft.) for barndominium kits taking average prices quoted by manufacturers into account.

  • Texas: Most barndominium kit manufacturers in Texas include mid-range windows and doors in their construction. The cost of such kits comes down to around $38 per sq. ft.
  • Michigan: Barndominium kit manufacturers in Michigan typically offer turnkey solutions that cost an average of $200,000 or around $95 to $125. However, the price comes down to similar figures as you’d get in Texas if you approach manufacturers as a builder-owner.
  • Colorado: Barndominium kit prices in Colorado are some of the cheapest you’ll find in the country. The plain shells (without windows and doors) cost around $20 per sq. ft. With mid-range doors, you can expect to pay around $30.
  • Florida: Barndominium kit prices in Florida are similar to what you’ll get in Colorado. The basic kits also cost $20 per square foot.
  • South Carolina: The prices for barndominium kits in South Carolina are similar to what you’ll find in Texas. The kits start at $35 per sq. ft. and are also fitted with mid-range doors and windows.
  • Ohio: Barndominium kit builders in Ohio typically produce shell designs like those in Colorado and Florida. This also means that the average cost of a kit is $20 per square foot.

The above are the average kit prices in these states. Remember, these are just prices for the barndo shell. Even if you buy kits that have been fitted with doors and windows, you’ll still need to pay for the hanging of the drywall, plumbing, electrical fittings, etc.

If you can handle some of these jobs on your own, you’ll keep the overall cost down. However, there is still a chance that the total cost of your barndo will be higher than the price per sq. ft. listed for your state above.

To understand the total costs of a barndominium using kits, you need to sum up the total cost of the kits needed to complete the job (including your desired fittings), the cost of labor, and the cost of the materials needed to complete the project.

If you intend to spend a lot of money on your interiors, you should work hard to get a good deal on your barndo shells.

Building With Barndo Kits: What to Keep in Mind

Getting a barndo kit is not always straightforward. Some manufacturers insist on working on a turnkey basis, where they supply the crew that will do all the work on the property, in line with your specifications. In this case, you need to ensure you are getting a good deal. They should be able to show you how they intend to navigate every step of the process from the floor design to the construction process.

If you are unconvinced and don’t have DIY experience, you can find a kit builder that can sell to you and allow you to handle the construction. Since you don’t have DIY experience, you need to know how to find workers that won’t take advantage of that. Here’s what you should do:

Find Qualified Subcontractors

You can find them by taking recommendations from other barndo owners or by talking to a contractor that will be willing to give you a list of subcontractors they work with. Both options aren’t without their downsides. The contractor will most likely insist on getting the job, and even when you get a list of recommended subcontractors, it can still be difficult getting them to focus on just your job alone.

Hire a Project Manager

If you are hitting a brick wall as it concerns finding subcontractors or you are uncertain about your ability to maintain the relationships until the job is done, you should consider hiring a construction or project manager. They’ll be in charge of hiring and managing the project.


The cost of barndominium kits can start from as low as $200 per sq. ft. in some states, for a shell without windows and doors. With mid-range doors included, the price will slightly increase to $35.

Remember, the price of the kit doesn’t equate to the price of the construction. The total price will most likely be cheaper than a conventional home, but you need to be sure the numbers check out for you before making a decision.